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Why I Give - The Cappello Family

The Cappello Family

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"When you think back to your high school years and the fond memories that bring a smile to your face, please think about giving. Because that means there’s been a positive effect on you – both when it happened, and today as you think about it."

Kathryn (Cappello) Ferrare LR ‘78

We are very proud that the Cappello family can be a part of the Faith. Family. Future! Capital Campaign.  Each one of us – whether we were Bishop McNamara or La Reine graduates – has benefited from our science classes we took at our alma maters.

I have such fond memories of high school; several activities exposed me to diverse ideas. La Reine High School provided many opportunities to build on the skills learned in the classroom. My La Reine education allowed me to develop my skills and leadership style. I have worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) since 1983, and currently serve as the Chief Financial Officer for NASA Langley Research Center, one of the nine NASA installations. Throughout my entire career, the leadership experience I acquired at La Reine was integral for building my confidence. That’s how I think the La Reine education was especially important for  women; providing leadership skills and the diverse, confidence-building activities that have helped us become successful in specialized fields involving science and math, while holding technical, managerial and leadership roles.

When you think back to your high school years and the fond memories that bring a smile to your face, please think about giving. Because that means there’s been a positive effect on you – both when it happened, and today as you think about it. 

When my brother Joe first told us about the Campaign and the plan to build the La Reine Science and Innovation Center, we did not hesitate to provide financial support because La Reine is, and always has been, strong in our hearts.

Our entire Catholic education experience was important and we were very grateful to our parents for making this available to us. Private education is costly, and my parents made a lot of sacrifices for their seven children  to attend Catholic high schools. Their sacrifices motivated me to do my best and have helped me in raising my children. Our two daughters, who are currently in 10th and 8th grade, have thrived in a private school environment, especially in their science classes. This educational environment has allowed their teachers to spend more time with each of them and give all children the opportunity to interact and grow.  I feel very strongly that whatever I can contribute will help other students enjoy and be enriched from their classes as our children have.
My husband and I have tried to instill in our girls the concept of volunteering and giving back to others that need help. That mindset was part of our upbringing, thanks to our parents and, of course, our schooling. Our Catholic education helped instill in us the desire to help others, which means donating time as well as money. Sometimes it’s about giving back because there’s something you personally can do to help people in an unfortunate environment or circumstance. Many thanks to McNamara for combining with La Reine and continuing to inspire our next generation of Catholic leaders.

Teresa Cappello LR '84

Think of someone who inspired you or supported you in your academic endeavors and donate in honor of them. Donating in our parents’ names was so rewarding. With the combination of my mother’s brains and my father’s work ethic, my academic career was all I could have hoped for. And I owe it to them and the environment in which I learned.

Anna Baniak, daughter of Marian Cappello LR '72

My mother’s education was so important to her and she was very grateful for the time that she had at La Reine, so she wanted to make sure that education was still being offered to future students at McNamara. It’s similarly an environment where she felt valued and belonged, and wanted to make sure future students would have that opportunity.

Joseph Cappello II ‘74

Education for our family was always very important – Catholic education was always very important as far as our parents were concerned.

Donating to Bishop McNamara High School always seems like the best place for me because you know that your money’s going to a good cause. The Spes Unica Annual Fund targets scholarships for those who need money most. Giving those students an opportunity that they otherwise might not be able to attain is a great feeling, and supporting them, I think, is one of the best ways to support McNamara.

I had five sisters that went to La Reine High School, so the fact that the Faith. Family. Future! Capital Campaign includes an initiative to honor the sister school that stood beside McNamara for so many years is incredible. A lot of La Reine alumnae have less of a connection to McNamara even after the two schools merged, so I think this is a good way to get them involved, and I thought it was a good way to get my own sisters involved.

Over the years I was probably giving contributions to Bishop McNamara long before my sisters – because it was my school, it made sense. Then when the Capital Campaign kicked off and the La Reine Science and Innovation Center was included in that plan, I thought it was something worthwhile, and that a family contribution would be a good way to show our support. All five of my sisters agreed with the idea immediately. We have three doctors in the family, so to a certain extent, the La Reine Science and Innovation Center resonated with our family.

The benefits of keeping McNamara viable and thriving in its current location is well worth it for all of us. Not just Maryland, but for that community in Prince George’s County. The way I look at it is that people have options for education – McNamara, for my point, still remains a viable option for private school that truly puts an emphasis on education and servant leadership.

Patricia Cappello LR ‘76

La Reine High School provided a structured environment throughout my four years of attendance.  The La Reine educational setting allowed me to heighten my existing study skills, enhance my analytical abilities, as well as prepare and present well-organized and complete documents and presentations.  The years I attended La Reine instilled in me a strong inquisitive route of approaching any tasks or assignments, and that path is how I approach my life, responsibilities and employment. I attribute my graduation from college and passing of the Certified Public Accountant exam to the studying methods that I learned during my four years at La Reine. After 39 years of working as a CPA for the Federal Government, I retired in February 2017 and am looking forward to my future adventures.

My four sisters and I attended La Reine and my one brother attended Bishop McNamara. When I heard that La Reine was closing I was thankful that Bishop McNamara would be taking up the charter to further the La Reine education for young women.  My family remains dedicated to both of the schools that molded each of us into well-educated, well-balanced and successful individuals.

The La Reine Science and Innovation Center furthers my dedication to Bishop McNamara – it provides a formal structure which is a tribute to the La Reine learning establishment. My parents were strong proponents for educating their daughters in science and mathematics, and would be so pleased knowing that a learning center aimed at encouraging the study of these subjects will be built and carry on the La Reine traditions.

For any alumni of Bishop McNamara and alumnae of La Reine considering a donation to Bishop McNamara High School, I invite them to think back to their freshman through senior years at their respective high schools. Reflect on the high school journey as they walked through the halls, the friends they met that still remain as friends now, and the exposure to so many new and forward-thinking lessons. Ponder the guidance and teaching provided to us from all of the teachers we encountered.  Then think about how we handle day-to-day issues, or unique problems or adventures and realize just how often we address those issues through practices we learned in our four years of high school. Let us provide that experience, that opportunity for someone else.


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