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BISHOP McNAMARA HIGH SCHOOLA Catholic, Holy Cross, Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Grades 9-12

Why I Give - Robert Summers '86

Robert Summers '86

Alumnus, Board of Directors, Hall of Fame 



"I think for me, McNamara just gave me a great foundation. I think it has helped shape who I am today, and because of that, giving back to the School has always been easy for me."

Rob Summers is on our Board of Directors and a member of the BMHS Hall of Fame. He has gone on to lead a successful organizational management career and has remained a loyal supporter of the School.  

Bishop McNamara High School is broadening all that it has offered and is looking to further expand future offerings. So we’re going to see a growing campus that is helping to shape a well-rounded student. I think McNamara is embracing how society, how technology, how everything is evolving and is making sure that students from McNamara are prepared for an ever-changing world.

I think being involved in athletics teaches you how to work with groups. Athletics  teaches you how to overcome problems, how to  work with other individuals and how to come together and  form solutions with  others. From my own experience, I feel athletics helps to shape individuals and prepare them for life outside of athletics. No matter the work environment that you come into, you will have to learn to deal with others and be able to problem solve on some level.

Obviously athletics played an important role during my time here. You always want the athletics teams to be in a position to win; it doesn’t necessarily have to be championships all the time, but you want them to be well-prepared so that they are positioned to go out and do the best they can. Athletes need proper facilities and resources so that they remain competitive, and remaining competitive also means that they remain relevant, which also helps McNamara itself remain relevant.

I think there are two kinds of individuals who may be on the fence about donating; it might be those who are alumni, and I would encourage them to tap into their days at McNamara and think about how being a donor could help the younger version of themselves. Those donors might be able to give this younger generation some things that they may not have had during their days as a student. When they’re in a position to help somebody else, it becomes a kind of payback/pay it forward, so to speak. Then, for those individuals not yet affiliated with the School, I would tell them to look at what this school can offer young individuals. Just look at all the good this school does and know that you had a part in shaping their futures!


Our mission must look to prepare students for the world they live in as well as to encourage them to make that world a better place - Father Basil Moreau

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