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BISHOP McNAMARA HIGH SCHOOLA Catholic, Holy Cross, Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Grades 9-12

Financial Aid & Scholarship Giving


Bishop McNamara High School makes a special appeal this year for giving to student financial aid giving.  Did you know that last year 65% of Bishop McNamara students received financial aid and that the average amount awarded was $3,877.00? Currently, however, the School’s financial aid program meets only 40% of a student’s demonstrated need.  Financial aid giving often makes the difference about whether a student stays in school to fulfill his or her dream to earn a Bishop McNamara High School diploma.  Therefore, make financial aid giving the principal reason why you give this year!

The Bridge of Hope Fund

The Bridge of Hope Fund was created by President/CEO Marco J. Clark '85 with the initial appeal being made at the 2010 Fall Gala. This fund serves as an emergency source of financial aid for seniors whose families have experienced an economic crisis or financial hardship during their student's senior year. The Bridge of Hope Fund helps to "bridge the gap" so that the dream of graduating from Bishop McNamara High School may come true without interruption.  

Ready to give? Go to Make a Gift and select the Bridge of Hope Fund.

Saint Andre Bessette Tuition Assistance Fund

The Saint Andre Bessette Tuition Assistance Fund, primarily supported by the faculty and staff of Bishop McNamara High School is utilized to assist our freshman, sophomore, and junior families who encounter unexpected financial hardship. The monies secured through this fund can be utilized when one of our families suffers the loss of a parent, loss of a job, or other life crisis that makes it impossible for them to meet their financial obligations to the school.  

Ready to give? Go to Make a Gift and select the Saint Andre Bessette Tuition Assistance Fund.

The Middleton Scholars Program

Richard “Rick” Middleton served the Bishop McNamara community from 1986 until 2013 with care, compassion, and class.  He was a beloved colleague and devoted mentor to thousands of Bishop McNamara young men and women until his passing in September, 2017 changing the lives of countless Mustangs with his thoughtful words, warm smile, sharp intellect, and good-natured humor.  If Fr. Moreau himself had known Rick, there would have been no doubt that he would have told him, “You are for Holy Cross!"   The Middleton Scholars Program provides a strong support community through guidance, mentorship, and financial aid. 

Ready to give? Go to Make a Gift and select the The Middleton Scholars Program.  


A major priority for Bishop McNamara this year is to increase scholarship support for exceptional and highly qualified students, particularly those who come from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds who embody the spirit and character of the Bishop McNamara community. Our goal is to insure that 10% of our student population will receive full need-based scholarships to attend Bishop McNamara by 2021. Bishop McNamara stands uniquely positioned to meet this urgent community need and to serve as a model for both Catholic and private schools across the country.  We invite all those who wish to join our efforts to give through one of the following scholarship programs:

BMHS Scholarships

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To learn more about available scholarships for current or prospective students,  contact the Admissions Office at or the Business Office at

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