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BISHOP McNAMARA HIGH SCHOOLA Catholic, Holy Cross, Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Grades 9-12

Clubs & Organizations

Students experience how to sail a Skipjack as part of Science and Ecology Club

Bishop McNamara High School clubs and organizations are student-based school organizations, consisting of administration-approved organizations functioning with myriad of interests and functionality. 

Each club or organization is composed of students with adults (usually Faculty, Staff or alumni volunteer) as advising figures to maintain the functionality of clubs. 

  • BMHS has over 50 clubs and organizations at school

  • Clubs & Organizations range from honor societies, technical teams, specials interest groups and service organizations

  • Extra-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to lead, participate and serve Bishop McNamara, area elementary schools, and community organizations

  • Want to start a club? Contact Mr. Brian Brower

For more information on the different clubs and organizations, click on any link below:

Societies, Clubs and Organizations

Cultural Organizations

Cultural Organizations

Bishop McNamara High School has a wide variety of Cultural Organizations to provide diverse opportunities and activities, increase personal knowledge, experience food, art, culture and global traditions for the student body.

Anime Club

The Anime Club views and discusses works of Japanese animation and foreign cinema. After viewings, the club meets to discuss the films, focusing on literary themes and cultural traditions presented.

Moderator: Ms. Jessica Brown

Art Appreciation Club

Art club meets weekly for students to discuss art and artists they admire and to do art projects for fun.  All students are welcome--there is no need to be enrolled in an art class to join.

Moderator: Ms. Kathryn Heneghan

Black Cultural Alliance

The purpose of the Black Cultural Alliance (BCA) is to increase knowledge of African-American history in a meaningful manner. The mission is to gain a better understanding of society and to provide and showcase cultural diversity. Special events include guest speakers, service projects, panel discussions, the Black History Month assembly and the ICE (Inter-Cultural Exchange) Night planned with other McNamara cultural clubs.

Moderator: Mr. Mason-Callaway

My Hair, My Crown

K-Pop Club

Filipino & Asian-American Cultural Enlightenment (FACE) Club

Moderator: Mr. Charles Shryock

Drama Nerdz

Moderator: Ms. Mary Mitchell-Donahue

Find Your Identity

Moderator: Ms. Emily Grice

Social Activism Support (SAS)

Moderator: Ms. Laura Keller

Faith and Service Organization

Bishop McNamara offers a variety of Service Organizations, dedicated to community service, religious expression, or social justice. Join with other students in activities and clubs providing a wide variety of service or aid to the BMHS community or beyond.

Advancement Ambassadors

Moderator: Dr. Van der Waag

Key Club

Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Key Club International is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.

Life Information for Teens (L.I.F.T.)

L.I.F.T. is a program that has two objectives: to educate 8th grade students about moral issues consistent with Catholic faith, and to allow you has high school juniors and seniors the opportunity for positive peer mentorship.  The curriculum of the program consists of factual talks, real life testimonies, small group discussions, and activities about the fears of becoming a teenager, moral issues of drug/alcohol use, violence, abortion, and sex. Membership to LIFT is an application process that happens in the Spring semester.

Human Life and Theology of the Body Club

This club Love Committee exists to provide an outlet for students to participate in the pro-life movement, and to spread awareness of and promote chastity and secondary virginity. In addition to educating themselves on life issues, committee members will also promote a respect for the dignity of life in the McNamara community, and encourage and support those who are struggling with wrong decisions, as well as those who are trying to live a chaste life. The moderator brings ideas and direction to the committee, educates members on current life issues, and guides, supports and encourages committee members through the example and witness of his/her personal life. The moderator also oversees the committee's finances and serves as a link to the faculty and administration. Committee activities may include a fundraising activity for a local pregnancy center, the organization of a liturgy or prayer service, poster campaigns, Lenten fasting in honor of chastity, a fundraising activity entailing selling pro-life/chastity t-shirts, etc. Students may participate in the Rally and March for Life in January, as well as a variety of other field trips supporting pro-life/chastity activities. Events may also include guest speakers.

Moderator: Mr. McClain

Vocations Club

Students, both of the Catholic faith and other faiths, are welcome to discern their vocation through a variety of activities, including sports events, time in the chapel, discussions, movies, etc.

This year’s goals are:

  • to help students become more open to God's will in their lives
  • to help students along their journey with the Lord
  • to help students accept their call to holiness

Service aspects of these two organizations include:

  • Corporal Works of Mercy (e.g., a food drive, gift donations, etc.)
  • Spiritual Works of Mercy (e.g., offering prayers, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, etc.)

Moderator: Mr. McClain

Teens in Action

Teens in Action is a Teen Leadership and Service Program of Camp Fire. Youth participating in Teens in Action engage in positive youth development activities that help them build assets and skills that last for a lifetime. Teens in Teens in Action participate in a variety of activities that engaged them in fun and meaningful activities. Examples include service to the homeless through programs for youth and families at local homeless shelters, Teen Driving Safety Programs (our award winning program for teens who create peer to peer programs to support driving safety), opportunities for formal leadership training through workshops at the local and national level.

Moderator: Mrs. Pezzuto

Honor Societies

Bishop McNamara High School has a wide selection of Honor Societies recognizing students in who achieve overall academic achievement, or those who achieve excellence in a department or program.

American Sign Language Honor Society

The ASL Honor Society is an opportunity for ASL students to gain recognition for high academic achievement in their study of ASL. Recognition takes the form of honor cords, the Alice Cogswell Medal, or the Laurent Clerc Medal. In addition to high academic achievement, members of the ASLHS are required to perform community service in their local Deaf community (if available) which enhances ASL skills in addition to developing character and citizenship. The ASL Honor Society also provides scholarships and hosts the annual ASL literature competition for students. The ASLHS also provides mini-grants for ASL teachers.

Moderator: Mrs. Phyllis Ballenger

International Thespian Society Troupe

The International Thespian Society Troupe consists of those “theatre students" maintaining an overall commitment to theatre activities beyond performing in specific productions. The organization also serves as the Theatre Honor Society whose members will be recognized for their achievements. Thespians plan and carry out all aspects of the Bishop McNamara theatre department's St. Genesius Awards' Ceremony.

Moderator: Mrs. Mitchell-Donahue

Moreau Scholar Society

The Moreau Scholar Society is a service organization made up of students who are Moreau and Moreau Merit Scholars. Bishop McNamara High School proudly sponsors the Moreau Scholarship Program to recognize the academic achievement of outstanding Catholic students. The scholarships are based on the results of the Moreau Scholarship Examination administered by Bishop McNamara High School in January, offering the top scholars full and partial tuition scholarships. For more on the Moreau Scholarship, go to Scholarships. Events include the autumn induction ceremony and the Je-parody challenge.

Moderator: Mr. Greer

Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society

The Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society offers recognition to exemplary students who have excelled in mathematics. The society exists to increase interest and awareness in mathematics and its relation to real world events and occupations, and to nurture a positive attitude toward mathematics and problem solving.

National English Honor Society (NEHS)

The National English Honor Society (NEHS), founded and sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta, is the only international organization exclusively for high school students and faculty who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments. Individual high schools are invited to petition for a local chapter, through which individuals may be inducted into Society membership. Immediate benefits of affiliation include international recognition, scholarship eligibility, and opportunities for international networking with others who share enthusiasm for, and accomplishment in, the language arts. Eventually NEHS will hold conferences and provide ways to link NEHS with other honor societies and with organizations related to the field of English.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is an organization of students who have been selected for membership because they have exhibited excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Members are required to continue their service to the school and community. Activities include peer tutoring, the Christmas toy drive, induction ceremonies and receptions, and the Father/Daughter Dance. The Society sponsors bake sales on the evenings of report card distribution to help fund the Father/Daughter Dance.

Moderator: Mrs. Corley

National Honor Society for Dance Arts

NHSDA exists to promote and honor outstanding artistic achievement in dance, outstanding academic achievement,to encourage young dance artists to be leaders in their community and to foster an appreciation for dance as a true art form and one worthy of recognition and prestige.

  • The NDEO Student Chapter provides students interested in dance and dance arts education the chance to:
  • Organize performance opportunities for students
  • Implement mentorship programs with incoming freshmen or local middle school aged dance students
  • Make connections with community organizations to offer dance workshops or classes
  • Administer the National Honor Society for Dance Arts program
  • Raise money to benefit local dance initiatives and charity programs
  • Sponsor guest teaching artists and other enrichment activities
  • Host professional and career development networking events with the NDEO state affiliate and other professional local organizations
  • Provide social opportunities for intellectual and creative exchange of ideas

Moderator: Mrs. King

RHO KAPPA Social Studies Honor Society

RHO KAPPA Social Studies Honor Society is the only national organization for high school juniors and seniors that recognizes excellence in the field of Social Studies. RHO KAPPA provides national recognition and opportunities for exploration in the social studies. The mission and purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies in secondary school environments and the community, to provide through its local chapters opportunities for exploration in the social studies in secondary school environments and the community, to encourage interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the social studies.

Science National Honor Society

The Science National Honor Society acknowledges those students who have shown excellence in the field of science and have been recognized for their achievements. Members are encouraged to recognize scientific and intellectual thought, to advance their knowledge of classical and modern science, and to participate in community service and in turn, be dedicated to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all humankind. Members of the SNHS assist with the organization of "Mustangs Go Pink", which is the annual event to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Students must complete an application to be considered for membership.

Moderator: Ms. Kazimer

Tri-M Music Honor Society

The purpose of the Tri-M Music Honor Society is to promote the McNamara instrumental and vocal music program and increase student appreciation for music. The chapter helps with the organization and promotion of all school events as well as planning events and trips for the school community. Membership criteria include continued participation in the instrumental or vocal music program with an “A" average, an overall “B" or above average in all other courses and a demonstrated desire and effort to excel in the music program. Society members assist at all McNamara musical events. Other activities may include concert trips to the University of Maryland, Kennedy Center, etc. Fundraising may be done to support after school programs featuring speakers/guest artists.

Moderator: Mrs. Amos-Hardy


MELT stands for McNamara Emerging Leadership Training. It is a leadership training program for rising juniors and seniors during the summer that exists to aid in the formation of leaders who will serve the school and their communities. 

Recreational Clubs/Activities

Want to go on an adventure, learn to fly or cook, enjoy yoga, play chess, create films or learn to write?  Bishop McNamara offers a wide variety of Recreational Clubs and Activities for the student body.

Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council is to promote a sense of leadership among students. Its mission is to encourage the involvement and participation of students in all social, political and recreational aspects of the school.

Professional Clubs

Bishop McNamara offers students a chance to explore future career opportunities in such areas as Business, Engineering, Law, Mathematics, Science, and Technology with our variety of Professional Clubs.

Join with other students in activities and clubs that help develop skill sets that will be applicable in a wide variety of professions. Click on any organization for more information.

ACE Mentoring

The ACE Mentoring Club works with local professionals in the field of Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. Our mentors work with our students through hands-on projects, field trips, and guest speakers. The goal of the club is to inspire the students to pursue careers in design and construction. Seniors in the club are eligible for a college scholarship.

Moderator: Mrs. Diehlmann

Aviation Club

The Aviation Club is designed to promote interest in aviation as a career or hobby by introducing members to all aspects of aviation. This includes a ground school as well as actual flight training. Special training sessions will be planned and scheduled in coordination with Club Cloud II Training School.

Moderator: Mr. George London

Mock Trial

In partnership with the Maryland State Bar Association and Maryland Judiciary, the Mock Trial program increases understanding of the law, court procedures and the legal system by allowing students to argue a novel criminal or civil court case each year. The program also increase proficiency in basic life skills such as listening, speaking, reading and reasoning; promote better communication and cooperation between the high school community and legal profession; and heighten appreciation for academic studies as well as career consciousness of law-related professions.

Moderator: Mr. Brian Brower

Science & Ecology Explorers

Science and Ecology Explorers Club description: The Science and Ecology Explorers Club is for anyone interested in making the world a better place.  Our typical activities include visiting a museum or natural area such as Jug Bay, Midterm Madness vegetarian soup sample give away, and quick science investigations or experiments. We also sell veggie and flower plants in the spring in order to raise funds for the various garden projects around campus.  

Moderator: Mrs. Steeger

Millionaire's Club

The Millionaire’s club is about educating our students on how money works: how to save, invest and make it grow through compound interest which is the most powerful force in the world. We talk about having 7 streams of income, real estate and ownership which at the end of the day is the key to generational wealth. 

Moderator: Mr. Keith Veney

Student Publications

Bishop McNamara provides a great options for students to express their writing and photographic interests through student publications.