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BISHOP McNAMARA HIGH SCHOOLA Catholic, Holy Cross, Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Grades 9-12

Marlo Ford LR '87: Honoring our traditions with integration of the best of both BMHS and LRHS

Marlo Ford LR '87 Alumni Association President"Come see what our future alumni are doing; you will be amazed." –Marlo Ford LR '87

When asked why she chose to remain connected with Bishop McNamara High School, Marlo Ford LR '87 admitted that when La Reine High School closed, she was skeptical about being a part of BMHS. After all, she was a proud, steadfast La Reineian.

"I remembered my fellow all-girls sister schools," Marlo said. "Notre Dame, St. Cecilia, ICA (Immaculate Conception Academy) and others. I had not heard of any other school incorporating the legacy of these all-girls schools within their walls to preserve their history. The legacy of La Reine is fortunate to have alumni women work at Bishop McNamara, a President who realizes how special a place it was to us."

Marlo said that she saw true beauty in the integration of the best that both schools had to offer, which speaks to the brother/sister relationship that existed, and has continued to exist, between the schools. She has remained an active supporter and member of the Bishop McNamara High School community, and has served as the President of the BMHS/LRHS Alumni Association. Marlo said that she sees the Alumni Association as a prime opportunity for alumni to stay connected with the School, and serve as mentors to current students.

"I am a big proponent of mentorship. When a young person can put themselves under the aegis of a professional and glean information and wisdom, what society gets is a better-trained person," she said. 

About Marlo Ford LR '87

Marlo is a native Washingtonian who went to St. Thomas More in Washington D.C. prior to being accepted into La Reine High School. After graduating from La Reine in 1987, Marlo attended the University of Maryland, at College Park where she received a Bachelors of Arts in Urban Studies. From there she attended The Florida State University where she received a Masters of Science in Planning in Urban and Regional Planning. She currently works for the Department of Planning and Zoning for a local municipality.

Marlo is extremely honored to serve at the President of the Alumni Association. While she will always be a La Reinian at heart, she loves the legacy and traditions both Bishop McNamara and La Reine are fusing into the new generation of students. She looks forward to meeting and working with alumni from both schools in furthering the goals and mission of Bishop McNamara while ensuring the legacy of La Reine will always be a part of the institution.

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