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BMHS Alumna Robyn Brown '00 Started a Juice Business During the Coronavirus to Help & Heal


As a way to keep her own immune system healthy at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Robyn Brown '00 introduced a delicious beverage to her FancyFit fitness company: the ‘Elderberry Lemonade.' Not officially trademarked as of yet, Brown launched the healing aid drink in early April. 

The Mustang Minute recently caught up with Brown to interview her about the elderberry lemonade. Read the Q&A below and checkout the photos and how you can order today!

Q: What made you start making the elderberry lemonade?

Alumni develops her own delicious and healthy Elderberry Lemonade

A: I was reading about the benefits of elderberry syrup for the respiratory system, why so many people were getting sick with the coronavirus. I started taking the syrup myself, but it was very expensive from the grocery store. I started researching and found recipes and changed it a little to get it to taste the way I want it. A friend recommended to me to start selling it because she thought it was so good.

Q: What has been the feedback from your customers about the drink?

A: Many of my clients who were dealing with health issues like allergies, said they have noticed their symptoms have improved. One client does not snore at night as much after drinking the elderberry lemonade regularly.

Q: What inspired you to start a fitness business?


A: Since I was young, I have always wanted to help people. I thought I wanted to be a Nurse. That did not happen, however I never stopped trying. It started with the make-up business, then the fitness/personal training and now the beverage has really inspired me to keep pushing and continue to help people the best way I can.

Q: How can people order your elderberry lemonade?

A: They can email me at: