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Bishop McNamara is celebrating Latin Week March 12-14
Posted 03/12/2019 01:00AM

Bishop McNamara High School celebrates Latin Week

Bishop McNamara High School is celebrating the study of Latin this week. We do this because Latin, one of the languages offered here at our school, is the parent language of both French and Spanish.

We choose to celebrate during this week because Friday, March 15th, is the Ides of March, when Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.C. Beware the Ides of March!

Latin Week fact of the day: Latin has been the official language of the Roman Catholic Church for many centuries. The reason for this is that the Christian Church was organized at a time when Rome ruled the Mediterranean world. The Bible was translated into Latin by St. Jerome in the fourth century, an edition known as the "Vulgate."

4 days of Latin-based words

Procrastination: putting off until tomorrow. Latin: CRAS = tomorrow

Egregious: standing out from the herd (not in a good way).  Latin: E GREGE = from the herd

Placebo: a medicine which is effective only because you believe it is.  Latin: PLACEBO = I will please. Nocebo: a substance which will harm you because you believe it will.

Supercilious: Proudly contemptuous.  Latin: SUPERCILIUM = eyebrow (supercilious people raise their eyebrows at you)


Images from Roman Times

(scroll over image for description)

Ceiling of the Pantheon, a temple to all the godsColosseum, amphitheaterFourth-century mosaic with head of ChristJulius Caesar (assassinated Mar. 15th, 44 B.C. -- the Ides of  March)

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