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Thanksgiving Haikus from BMHS Students
Posted 11/26/2018 05:15PM

Now that we are back from our well-deserved Thanksgiving Break and all the turkey and cranberry has been eaten, we want to share with our community some student created Thanksgiving Haikus - thoughful reflections based on the readings for Thanksgiving day Mass (link provided for your reading).

A Haiku is a form of poetry, first made popular in Japan, which has become appreciated around the world. Haiku poets are challenged to convey a vivid message in only 17 syllables.

Thank you to Mr. James Monahan and his BMHS Theology Classes for sharing these with us.

Gratitude is key 
Pray from the heart, not the mind 
And you will be blessed 

Learn from your mistakes 
Your mistakes are good lessons 
Lessons are blessings 
- Zurie Lewis

May peace be with you
May peace be your companion 
As we are all his

Jesus! Help me please
Lay your blessed hands on me
I pray faithfully
-Jaylen Cheek

Be grateful to God
For He gives us joy and love
As he spreads goodness.
-Jasmin LeBoo

Thanks for no error
Thank you for standing by us
Thanks for prophecy
-Kiersten Stokes

My friends life is short 
Do not waste your lovely time
Live each day fully 
-Victoria Hinton
We praise him always
He is our savior and more
He is our blessing 
-Brittany Logan

Do good works always
Be thankful for Gods good works
Bless the Lord always
-Jelani Jackson

A short day is not 
Enough time to give our thanks;
Do it all the time!
-Ellik Trotman

May Thanks be to God
He created everything
Happiness and loved ones

Be full of Grace
For time flies and goes away
Be present and happy
-Carlos Saravia

Gratitude is great
Caring for others is good 
But you need to share
-Ian Cawthorne

The way to give thanks
Celebrating love, life, faith
Full of gratitude.
-Harrison Wallace

Praise the Lord for ever
For the Lord will not fail us 
Let your praise bless him 
-Tyler Muniz

God works miracles
Comes in our hour of need
Though we don't deserve.
-Jevonni King

Give your thanks to God 
He is most graceful and kind
He gave us his son
-Schuler Walker

Jesus always helps.
Even when you are different.
You shall still show thanks
-Savanna Parran

I will praise my Lord
Give thanks for all that he does
And proclaim my faith
-Kendall Mitchell

Give thanks to our Lord,
for He uplifts us to grow.
Pray and say, "Thank you."
-Haedn Rho

Everywhere you look 
God grace is there to help you
Stay grateful for God's grace 
-Miles Johnson

God loves us so much
He makes us in his likeness
May his goodness spread
-Layla White

A time to give thanks 
A time to welcome His love
On this Thanksgiving 
-Sydney Johnson

Praise God for all time
He has blessed you handsomely
Remember meekness 
-Tamya Mathews

We should thank God for
Healing all of our ailments
Just like the leper did
-Christina Ambrose

They all come from God
The sun, the sky, and the earth
All wrapped up in one
-Varonika Ware

Easy is to thank
For gratitude is as well
Do it for Christ's sake
-Micah Neal

I will bless the Lord 
Generations will praise you
The Lord is gracious 
-Aminah Cole

Gratitude is God
The Lord is compassionate
He is good to all
-Lawrence Aitch

Show grace towards God
God calls us to his fellowship
And God is faithful
-Jesseca Holly

Joy of heart among us
His goodness in all of us
God be blessed forever
-Sydney Washington

Blessings to everyone
Show gratitude constantly 
Gratitude is cool
-Taylor Pennington

Praise is what I do
I give all glory to God
Because I am blessed
-J'TA Freeman

Give thanks to the Lord
He shall grant you peace and joy
He is within you
-Sydni Gilmore

Bless and praise the lord
God is merciful to us 
Gratitude should show  
-Aaron Fuller

Wow! Great is the Lord
Go shout it on the mountain tops 
Declare his greatness
-Breyanna Burney

Gratitude is God
He loves us eternally 
Our faith should match his
-Jasmin Partlow

God is merciful
So give thanks for his mercy
And his compassion 
-Bria Welcome

God heals no matter what,
He grants us peace joy and growth,
Give thanks to God
-Aliyah Matharu

Give thanks all of you
For your God has done wonders
And may we rejoice
-Ashley Smith

Love is forever
His is unconditional 
And so we give thanks.
-Tyler Brockett

God bring us all peace 
Deliver us from Evil
Grant us joy and peace
-Krista Davis

The Son Of The Lord
Has Given His Life For Us
We Shall Be Thankful
-Wayne Bumbrey

Be grateful to God
For he deserves all the praise
He shows us much grace
-Delaney Dixon

your blessing will come 
trust in God for he is there 
show your thanks to all 
-Olivia Fenwick

God gave us a gift
It is gratitude
We should cherish it
-Tyra Thompson

Gratitude is power
Gratitude goes a long way
Happy Thanksgiving
-Lauren Hawkins

All you need is faith
To accomplish anything
Go get some faith now
-Erv Wilkins

Be thankful to God
He blesses us every day
Out of love for us.
-Coya Cockerham

Bless the God of all
May he grant you joy of heart
May peace abide you.
-Nick Miller

To find happiness
Always show faith in the Lord
And he will grant it
-John Alexander

I give God praises
Praise him and you will be blessed
Because Gods the best.
-Demetrius Nicholson

The Lord is with you
Show him gratitude always
And be saved through faith.
-Jaelyn Fletcher

Give thanks and mercy
Praise him and you will be blessed
It is right and just
-Aniya Bell 

A beautiful world 
A Beautiful creation
Builds great faith in you
-Taleah Gholson

May we all be glad
We were created by God
Our God is so kind
-Jeffrey Perez

Gratitude for Him 
Give Thanks and praise to the Lord
He will grant great joy.
-Miles Miller

Praise the Lord always
For he has done amazing things
Without this we're nothing
-Jordan Gayle-Taylor

In knowledge given,
We come to understand grace,
Glory given to god
-Lexi Murray

Praise be unto God,
He has done wondrous things;
Blessed are you Lord God.
-Christopher Grillo

I will praise God's name
Jesus Christ is my savior
I am so thankful
-Cayla Cade

Forever I will
Be thankful for you my Lord
Because you've done lots
-Jakia Brown-Turner

Jesus - Master have
Pity on us - he did but
Only one thanked him.
-Mr. Monahan

Jesus bestows his grace
Spiritual gifts are given
Our God is faithful.
-Nazir Donelson

Being thankful is
to return kindness and love
to those around you
-Korine Devitt

When we give God thanks, 
He grants us a joy of heart
His goodness endures.
-Celine Chiong

God is highly praised
Gracious and mercifully
God loves everyone.
-D'Mia Britton

Show God Gratitude 
Because he always shows love
Show your love through him 
-Maya Plater

Give praise to our God
Jesus his son has cleansed us
And our faith saves us.
-Kayla Bridgers

You will never feel
Not for a single moment
God doesn't love you.
-Ronnie Rounds

Glorify thy Lord
For the lord is merciful 
Praise, give thanks people
-Ryson Oakley

Give thanks to the Lord
As unseen gifts have rained down
Gifts of the spirit.
-Wesley Barnes

God has performed wonders
May he grant you peace and joy
He'll deliver us.
-Chloe Baltimore

Give thanks to my God
Grace and peace for everyone
Never lacking love
-C.J. dela Paz

Praise his name always 
He is gracious and loving 
Give thanks to his love 
-Alina Kacar

Jesus cames to save
He blesses you and heals you
As he serves God's will.
-Morgan Bernard

God gives us blessings
God deserves our gratitude
God is merciful.
-Prom Jackson

God will always love you
He has taken care since birth
His love will deliver us.
-Dwight Debnam III

I will talk to him
I will praise him on a daily 
He deserves the praise.
-Isaiah Myers

The Lord is patient
He is kind and deserves praise
Send him all the thanks.
-Sierra Sweeney

This is my haiku
Thanks for giving me blessings
It's all thanks to you.
-Quentin Vickers

I give thanks to God
Because he does many things
He will keep his word always.
-Kaitlynn Devitt

Jesus takes pity
He forgives us for our sins
Our sins have been cleansed 
-Kenneth Wilburn

Praise his name all day
Thanking him for life always
Large amount of love.
-Drake Murphy

Let's give thanks to God
For he will always be there
Let's give thanks to God.
-Jalen Cole


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