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Distance Learning

What is a distance learning day?
On these days, teachers create opportunities for students to continue their studies outside the school building. They can be scheduled in advance (e.g. professional development day) or called in the event of unexpected cancellations (e.g. lengthy snowstorm). For the purpose of state requirements, distance learning days count as a full day of school.
What are the scheduled distance learning days for this year?
Any class that counts as a core requirement assigns distance learning. Electives do not assign distance learning. The dates for 2017-2018 are assigned by department:
Scheduled Distance Learning Days and Departments
Friday 10/13/17
Mathematics -Social Studies - Fine Arts - Information Technology
Friday 10/27/17 
English - Science - Modern & Classical Languages - Physical Education / Health 
Friday 11/3/17
Theology - Mathematics - Social Studies - Fine Arts
Thursday 1/26/18
Information Technology - English - Science - Modern & Classical Languages
Friday 3/9/18
Physical Education / Health - Theology - English - Mathematics
When are distance learning assignments posted, and when are they due? 
Teachers post assignments on Maccess before 8:15 AM on a distance learning day. Students complete the assignments before their next class. 
What can I expect in a distance learning lesson? 
TIME:  Activities can be completed in 70 minutes or less (like a regular class), including time needed to read, think, write, and create. 
TOPIC: These lessons can continue regular instruction, extend or review a previous unit, or preview something that you will study later in the course. Some teachers use this for an enrichment activity about something that is not typically explored in your course, but still related. If you are not sure how the topic connects to the course’s goals for understanding, please ask the teacher to clarify. 
FORMAT: The possibilities are wide open, and they don’t have to be digital. Some examples include completing a Google Form about video clips, participating in an online discussion, producing a video, responding to a thinking prompt, or interviewing someone. 
EXPECTATIONS: This is different but just as important as a regular class. Teachers will provide clear expectations about student participation in any discussions, and identify criteria for how these assignments are evaluated. 
Latest information on Distance Learning Days
For all the latest information on Distance Learning Days, go to Distance Learning Memo 2017-2018 - Students/Parents
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