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Scholarship Opportunities for Entering Students

These scholarships are for students entering Bishop McNamara for the first time.

Please read application information, requirements and deadlines for all scholarships below. 

For more information about scholarships or financial aid contact the Admissions Office at Extension 113.



Scholarship Opportunities - Newly entering students:

click on the  For application information, requirements and deadlines

Moreau Scholarship Program

Bishop McNamara High School proudly sponsors the Moreau Scholarship Program to recognize the academic achievement of outstanding Catholic students. The scholarships are based on the results of the Moreau Scholarship Examination administered by Bishop McNamara High School in January. The program offers the top twelve scholars the following: two full Moreau Scholarships; two Moreau Holy Cross Scholarships of three-quarters of full tuition; two Moreau Founders Scholarships of one-half of full tuition; and six Moreau Merit Scholarships of one-quarter of full tuition. The top two scores are awarded a full tuition scholarship; the third and fourth highest scores are awarded 75% tuition scholarships; the next two high scorers are offered 50% tuition scholarships. The next six are offered Moreau Merit Scholarships valued at 25% of tuition each year. Each award in the Moreau Scholarship Program is renewable for four consecutive years provided that the student maintains continuous enrollment along with his or her high academic standing.

Nominations for the Moreau Scholarship Examination

Students are nominated by their Catholic middle schools in the Archdiocese of Washington, Archdiocese of Baltimore or Diocese of Arlington to sit for the Moreau Scholarship Examination. Catholic students attending public, independent or home schools may seek nominations from the Archdiocese of Washington Catholic parish in which the student’s family is registered and active. In early November, Bishop McNamara’s Admissions Office sends nomination forms to all archdiocesan middle school principals and all archdiocesan parishes. Principals and Pastors are asked to nominate students who:

  1. Indicate an interest in attending Bishop McNamara High School by selecting Bishop McNamara as one of their co-choices on the Archdiocese of Washington High School Choice Form
  2. Represent the top 10 % of the eighth grade class and
  3. Demonstrate their Christian values in daily life by personal integrity, exemplary conduct and service to others..

Completed nomination forms and completed Moreau Scholarship Applications should be mailed by the Elementary School Principals and Parishes to insure receipt by the Admissions Office prior to December 5th. All nominees must have a completed application for admission on file with Bishop McNamara prior to December 5th.

Students will be required to take a scholarship examination in January. Scholarships will be awarded based upon the results of the scholarship examination. A student may continue to be eligible for this scholarship provided he/she takes honors courses and maintains a 3.5 GPA at the end of each academic year. For more information, contact the Admissions office.

Catholic school students are nominated by their principals.  If your family is Catholic, but you are currently not enrolled in a Catholic school, nomination forms to bring to your pastor are located here and must be submitted to Bishop McNamara by December 5th.

Presidential Scholarship Program

Presidential Scholarships are awarded to a select number of students with documented accomplishments, which may include strong academic records, outstanding community service, and a strong record of leadership. Awards range in amounts from $1500 to $3000.

Presidential Scholarships are awarded based on the information submitted as a part of the admissions process for incoming students or, for returning students, by contacting the Director of Enrollment Management, Financial Aid and Scholarships at 301-735-8401 Ext. 117 or

Fine Arts Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to applying 9th grade BMHS applicants. Scholarships are not available for transfer students.
BMHS offers several Fine Arts Scholarships sponsored by The Fine Arts Department. Scholarships are available in Music, Dance, Theatre, and Visual Arts and range in amounts averaging $500 to $1000+ per year in either 2 or 4-year increments.
Scholarship information is made available at the BMHS Annual Open House, after which the information is available on the BMHS website. Auditions and portfolio dates range from early January to early February.
All Auditions occur here at Bishop McNamara High School.
To recognize and reward the wonderful achievements of our talented applicants.
The scholarships are awarded to students based on ability. The audition/application process is different for each art form.


  • Classical Dance Scholarships - All Genres - Group Auditions
  • African Music & Dance Scholarships - Individual Auditions
  • Choir Scholarships - Individual Auditions
  • Band & Orchestra Scholarships - Individual Auditions
  • Guitar/Piano/Drum Set - Individual Auditions
  • Theatre Scholarships - All Theatre Experiences - Group Auditions
  • Visual Arts Scholarships - Drawing and Additional Art Forms - Art Portfolio Submission

Scholarships and the Admissions Process

Students interested in Fine Arts Scholarships must submit a Bishop McNamara Admissions Application by December 15. An audition for any scholarship does not positively or negatively effect the student's consideration for admittance to Bishop McNamara High School. Scholarship results will be announced in Admissions Office decision packets sent the end of February.
For more information, go to Fine Arts Scholarships

The Legacy Scholarship

Alumni Logo for BMHS and LRHSStudents whose parents graduated from either La Reine High School or Bishop McNamara High School are eligible to receive a one-time $250 Legacy Scholarship. Students must list the parental name and year of graduation on the application. The Legacy Scholarship will be applied to the tuition of accepted and registered students.

Carol Welteroth Marvin Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is endowed by the Marvin family, in memory and honor of Mrs. Carol Marvin, distinguished educator and exemplary school administrator and is presented annually to an 8th grade student who has been accepted into Bishop McNamara High School and into the St. Joseph Program. The student has by their personal witness, academic integrity and faith in action enriched their church, school and community.

The Keith L. Miller Scholarship

The Keith L. Miller scholarship is awarded to an incoming Freshmen football player who exemplifies the same mental toughness, passion, skill and dedication to football as did Keith L. Miller '89 from whom this scholarship is named.

Knights of Columbus - Deadline February 1st

The Frederick M. Gossman Memorial High School Scholarship

Designed to assist members of the Knights of Columbus holding membership in councils within the jurisdiction of Maryland in paying tuition for their sons and daughters at accredited Catholic High Schools; two grants of $1,500.00 per year for up to four years, and one additional grant of $1,500.00 per year for up to four years, funded by the Maryland Knights of Columbus Insurance Advisors, will be awarded. Awards will be made on the basis of academic excellence, personal qualifications, and financial need. The children of deceased member are also eligible, provided the member was in good standing at the time of death. Application period is from October 1 to February 1. All applications must be received by the Knights of Columbus Scholarship Committee no later than February 1. For scholarship information or applications go to the Knights of Columbus Website or write to

Maryland State Council
Knights of Columbus Scholarship Committee
c/o Phil Asplen
2525 Pot Spring Rd, L-503
Timonium, MD 21093

The William J. O'Brien, Jr. Memorial Catholic High School Scholarship

Three grants of $1,500.00 per year for up to four years will be awarded. Eligibility for a grant under this program is open to Catholic Students who are residents of the State of Maryland, and to children and grandchildren of a member of a Knights of Columbus council within the jurisdiction of Maryland. Applications must have been officially accepted at or must be students at accredited Catholic High Schools. Application will be judged on academic excellence, personal qualifications, and financial need. Application period is from October 1 to February 1. All applications must be received by the Knights of Columbus Scholarship Committee no later than February 1. For scholarship information or applications go to the Knights of Columbus Website or write to

Maryland State Council
Knights of Columbus Scholarship Committee
c/o Phil Asplen
2525 Pot Spring Rd, L-503
Timonium, MD 21093

Knights of Columbus Scholarship Special Note: Be advised that there is also a scholarship program administered by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus. For information and application, go to their website at Maryland State Council Knights of Columbus. Children of K of C members of Maryland Councils are eligible to apply to both the Gossman and O'Brien Scholarships above. Grandchildren of members and children of non-members are eligible for the O'Brien scholarship only.

Carolyn Oberman Memorial Scholarship

The Carolyn Oberman Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship awarded to a Bishop McNamara student who exemplifies Christian spirit, while striving for academic excellence (student must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.6).

The award shall be selected by the President, Admission Director with final selection by the Principal.  For more information, contact Mrs. Pat Garber at

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