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Spes Unica Annual Fund

Gifts of cash are available for immediate use by the school for academic programs, student resources, and faculty support. These gifts provide instantaneous tax benefits to the donor.

As a contribution to Bishop McNamara High School's Spes Unica Annual Fund and to ensure the school's ability to meet the future needs of the students, I/we want to donate the following amount:

Faith.Family.Future! Capital Campaign

The Faith. Family. Future! Capital Campaign will allow us to take our School further into excellence.

Phase 1 of our 20-year Campus Master Plan includes plans to add a science and technology classroom wing, expand and renovate our cafeteria, and create a student courtyard. For more information, go to Faith.Family.Future! Campaign

Scholarship Giving

You may make a donation to individual Scholarship Funds, which have been set up as memorial or honorary scholarships, or scholarships endowed by certain organizations (see Scholarships for descriptions).

Project PRIDE Scholarships are listed separately below.

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Project PRIDE Scholarships

You may make a donation to any of the individual Project PRIDE Program Scholarship Funds (see Scholarships for descriptions).

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Program Giving

You may make a donation to a specific Bishop McNamara High School program.

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Alumni Activities Fund

You may make a donation to benefit our Alumni Activities and Alumni Association for both Bishop McNamara and La Reine High Schools.

Memorial or Tribute Giving

You may make a gift as a tribute or in memoriam for a family member, friend, former teacher or classmate, or any other individual that you choose.

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