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Dylan Wort '20 learns firsthand about the local farm to table movement
Posted 09/26/2018 09:42AM

By Mrs. Jan Steeger, Faculty (Science Department)

Dylan Wort '20 turning cheese at P.A.Bowen Farmstead in southern Prince George's County, MarylandDylan Wort, Class of 2020, has been busy this summer working at the P. A. Bowen Farmstead in southern Prince George's County where the farm to table movement is an essential part of each day. While the Bowen farm perfected raising grass-based livestock and making award winning artisanal cheeses, Dylan, a resident of Brandywine, Maryland, has been working on this farm every summer for the last four years.

He started out doing chores like moving chicken tractors (moveable enclosures that can be pulled to new grassy areas) twice a day and worked up to making cheese and assisting in the farm store.   Some of the work Dylan has been busy with lately includes milking cows, sanitizing equipment and turning wheels of cheese. Turning cheese exposes all surfaces and makes the curing process more even. While most teenagers are sleeping late, Dylan might have to get to work as early as 6:30 am for milking. Although farming is still labor intensive, many aspects have more technology than you might expect. For example, Dylan operates a pump to transfer milk from the milking parlor cans to the chiller unit. In addition he helps keep all the equipment and work areas scrupulously clean.  Following a set procedure, each person entering the chilling area is required to wear a lab coat and a hair net and then step into a sanitizing bath for their shoes. Exact record keeping is needed including temperature and amount of milk so the correct proportion of rennet enzymes and cultures can be added.

Although music is Dylan's first love, he deeply appreciates everything he has learned working on the farm including being dependable and knowing where his food comes from! For more information on the P. A. Bowen Farm visit


We have provided some pictures of Dylan working on the farm. (Direct link to slideshow -


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