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Stellar Year of Field Trips for BMHS Honors Biology, Science and Ecology Explorers
Stellar Year of Field Trips for BMHS Honors Biology, Science and Ecology Explorers

Bishop McNamara Students take a kayaking tour of the Patuxent River and Park

It's been a stellar year for field trips for the members of the Honors Biology classes and the Science & Ecology Explorers Club at Bishop McNamara!

It all began with a virtual field trip on the Joides Resolution! Members of the Science and Ecology Explorers Club met in the Leadership Center for a virtual field trip and interactive livestream on April 2, 2019 to learn about the "Joides Resolution". The Joides Resolution is a research ship, currently located at the southern tip of South America near the Antarctic, designed to drill into the ocean floor and collect various samples from the ocean bed. The current expedition is called "Dynamics of Pacific Antarctic Circumpolar Current" (DYNAPACC) which is done in an attempt to uncover many of the hidden secrets of the Earth, including climate change, geology and ocean currents. Research is constantly being conducted by the 50 scientists aboard the vessel twenty-four hours a day, learning things we might not have known about the Earth we walk upon.  It is a part of the International Ocean Discovery Program and is funded by the National Science Foundation.

During the virtual field trip, a tour of the vessel was given, and afterwards many students seized the opportunity to ask questions about the vessel or the expedition.

"Overall, it was a great experience for the students to learn more about the earth and the purpose of the Joides Resolution, giving us the opportunity to visit a place we could never have otherwise!" observed BMHS student Debra Henderson.

The students also conducted 5 field trip studies as part of our Ecology Unit on the Chesapeake Bay.  Each class went to a different location in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and studied aspects like macroinvertebrates, water quality, fish, land use, wetland ecology and pollution issues.  Each field trip was a unique experience. Some students sampled water, insects or fish; some kayaked or toured on a pontoon boat; and some sailed on a skipjack. The field trips gave the students a way to experience the outdoors and appreciate our natural heritage.  

Thanks to BMHS Honor Biology teacher and moderator of Science & Ecology Explorers Club, Mrs. Jan Steeger, for her guidance and leadership on the remarkable events.

Enjoy a slideshow of the field trips below:

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