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BMHS Students Participate in Holy Cross Conference for Student Leaders
BMHS Students Participate in Holy Cross Conference for Student Leaders

Holy Cross Student Leadership ConferenceBishop McNamara faculty and students participated in the annual Holy Cross Conference for Student Leaders at Holy Cross College and the University of Notre Dame from June 26-June 30. This year Francesca Smith '22, Leah Camphor '22, Larry Wingfield '22 and John Nolte '21 along with Theology Teacher Ms. Jessica Brown and Mathematics Teacher Mr. Robert Nolte participated in the conference.

The Holy Cross Conference for Student Leaders is an official event of the Holy Cross Institute at St. Edward's University, Austin,TX. The mission of the Holy Cross Institute is to promote the transformation of students by providing information about Holy Cross vision and values, formation in those values, and application of those values to educators at schools founded and sponsored by the Congregation of Holy Cross (CSC).  Its goal is to continue the unique educational legacy of Father Basile Moreau and the Congregation.

Holy Cross Student Leadership Conference The Holy Cross Conference for Student Leaders provides an excellent opportunity for students and faculty to develop and exercise their leadership and planning skills while gaining a wider perspective of their role in society and a greater understanding of the Holy Cross mission and heritage.  As Jessica Brown notes, "Students had an enriching and invigorating time at the conference. Each brought a unique piece of themselves and were able to make connections with other students from various Holy Cross schools. They also garnered inspiration to come back and make McNamara an even more rich and thriving community thanks to the leadership they learned at the conference and from their fellow Holy Cross students. The fact that they were so saddened to leave their new friends only after a few days shows how deep the bonds of Holy Cross truly run in our students and greater educational community. They look forward to working with this school's community to truly help bring forth a vision of Holy Cross values and enliven them in our home away from home. McNamara is blessed to have these student leaders who are willing to support it, to challenge it, and to make it the best it can possibly be. They are eager to return and encourage others to find themselves proud to call themselves Holy Cross Student Leaders." 

In all, this opportunity provided by the Congregation of Holy Cross, fosters Bishop McNamara's vision to form empowered leaders, inspired by the Gospel, who transform the world.