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Scholarships & Enrollment

Fine Arts Scholarships for 2025-2026 BMHS Students

Scholarship Audition Deadline: January 15, 2025

Audition links will be live on October 28, 2024.

BMHS Admissions Process

Students interested in Fine Arts Scholarships must submit a Bishop McNamara Admissions Application. An audition for any scholarship does not positively or negatively effect the student's consideration for admittance to Bishop McNamara High School.

Scholarship auditions occur virtually through SlideRoom, an online portal.  

Scholarship results will be announced in Admissions Office decision packets sent at the end of February.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in the Fine Arts Department at Bishop McNamara High School!

BMHS Fine Arts Student Info for 2025-26 Students

Scholarship Information 

We are fortunate to have so many wonderful and talented students audition for our programs. 

  1. The scholarships are merit, potential, and performance-based. They do not take financial need into consideration. Applicants are also welcome to separately apply for Financial Aid.
  2. If a student is awarded one of our very competitive scholarships, Congratulations! Please know that receiving and accepting the scholarship is contingent upon a student registering and participating with the program for 4 years. 
  3. If a student does not receive a Fine Arts scholarship, we still want to welcome them into our program, provided they are accepted to BMHS and decide to attend. Our Fine Arts programs boast an enrollment of over 500 students every year.
  4. Not all students with an interest in the Arts need to audition or apply for a Scholarship. There is another round of auditions and course selections in the spring for students with little or no experience in an art form. We do encourage any and all students with experience to consider auditioning, but we ask that those with little or no experience wait until students are admitted and registered for 9th grade courses.

Fine Arts Scholarship Information for 2025-2026 BMHS Students

2025 Spring Enrollment & Audition Information

The Fine Arts Department offers both auditioned based courses/ensembles, and non-auditioned based courses. Each program has a unique offering with different requirements. In order to successfully register for one of these courses or ensembles, please reference the individual program information below and select the best option.

Fine Arts Auditioned-based Courses & Ensembles

Fine Arts Non-Auditioned Courses

The Fine Arts offers several courses that do NOT require auditions. Please see below for information and contacts. 

Click on each program title for a dropdown with information. . .