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Ms. Alicia Oglesby

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Department(s) Counseling
Title(s) Director of School & College Counseling, Senior Counselor A-J
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Degree(s) , Howard University
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After graduating from Howard University in 2003, Alicia returned to her roots in Philadelphia to give back to a community struggling with poverty and abuse.  She spent 8 years working with young women and adolescents facing issues of domestic and community violence and sexual abuse. It was through this work, and the recruiting efforts of her teacher mother, that Alicia discovered the evolving profession of school counseling. Through Alicia’s graduate and certification program, she was able to enjoy the school environment in a capacity that suited her best. 

     Since becoming a high school counselor, Alicia has pursued continued education at both the University of Pennsylvania and Virginia Tech. In her role as a high school counselor in the DC, Maryland and Virginia metro area, Alicia’s counseling philosophy is infused with the intention of cultivating cultural fluency and scholarly distinction. She finds new and innovative ways to help create the kind of school culture where all students’ identities are affirmed and learning can take place in the most supportive atmosphere possible. Additionally, traveling throughout the country to promote social justice makes her a very busy woman. She not only inquires about the quality of the dining hall food while on college tours but she initiates courageous conversations about race, identity, and class on campus. During college counseling sessions, she works with students to find an institution that can challenge and support them academically. She also, and just as importantly, discusses college culture, and how it can impact a student’s ability to live peacefully, think critically and engage passionately. With an ever-changing job market, students attending high school now will enter continuously evolving majors and careers. Those possibilities are exciting and motivating to her. 

School counseling will be Alicia’s lifelong career. Impacting the lives of students is her calling and she works every day to make sure that students know they are cared for, thought of and valued. She feels blessed to be a leader in the Bishop McNamara family to continue this sacred work.