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Clubs & Organizations

Bishop McNamara High School over 50 clubs, societies, and organizations are student-based school organizations, consisting of administration-approved groups functioning with myriad of interests and functionality.  Each club or organization is composed of students with adults (usually Faculty, Staff or alumni volunteers) as advising figures to maintain the functionality of clubs.

  • Clubs & Organizations range from honor societies, technical teams, specials interest groups and professional organizations
  • Extra-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to lead, participate and serve Bishop McNamara, area elementary schools, and community organizations
  • Want to start a club? Complete this form and email or turn it in to Mr. Brian Brower
Students from Black Cultural Alliance


Societies, Clubs, and Organizations

With over 50 student clubs and organizations, ranging anywhere from honor societies, technical teams, special interest groups and service organizations, most of our students are active in at least one group.

Check each interest area below and the societies, clubs, and organizations in each group for more information.

Cultural Organizations

Bishop McNamara High School has a wide variety of Cultural Organizations to provide diverse opportunities and activities, increase personal knowledge, and experience food, art, culture, and global traditions for the student body.

Honor Societies

Bishop McNamara High School has a wide selection of Honor Societies recognizing students who achieve overall academic excellence, or those who achieve excellence in a department or program.

Recreational Organizations

From hiking, skiing and rock climbing to literature, trivia and board games, whatever activities Bishop McNamara High School students are interested in, they can find diverse opportunities to explore those interests.  If they don't find something they're interested in, there's always the opportunity to show leadership in starting a new club or activity! 

Faith & Service Organizations

Bishop McNamara offers a variety of Service Organizations, dedicated to community service, religious expression, or social justice. Join other students in activities and clubs providing a wide variety of services or aid to the BMHS community or beyond.

Professional Organizations

Bishop McNamara offers students a chance to explore future career opportunities in such areas as Business, Engineering, Law, Mathematics, Science, and Technology with our variety of Professional Clubs. Join with other students in activities and clubs that help develop skill sets that will be applicable in a wide variety of professions. Click on any organization for more information.

Student Leadership

Bishop McNamara wants all student to develop into leaders to transform the world.  These are just a few opportunities for students to develop those leadership skills. 

Student Publications

Bishop McNamara provides a great options for students to express their literary or creative interests through student publications.