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Mrs. Emily Koenick

“The growth and changes that happen in high school are essentially the same for a teenager. What is different, however, is the environment in which the teenager experiences high school, and that's where McNamara is different — here you are cared for and educated in a way that is not similar to other high schools. When you fall, we catch you. When you want to succeed, we propel you. The word that best describes our vibe is simply, love.”

Emily Koenick
Faculty, English Department Chair

Mrs. Tracye Burr Mitchell

"Bishop McNamara is without a doubt a superb example of an entire school community focused on making a difference and bringing out the best in each of our children. Every member of the Bishop McNamara community - from the CEO, to the Principal, to the Administration, to the faculty, to the staff - ensures that our children graduate as confident and competent young people poised and prepared to show the world the best of themselves every day."

Mrs. Tracye Burr Mitchell
Parent of Lauryn '21 & Olivia '18

Madison Bridges '26

"I chose Bishop McNamara because of the community - it is like no other. From day one, after experiencing all of the love, support, and hospitality McNamara provided, I knew it was the school for me. "

Madison Bridges '26

Ava Garland '23

“As an African American, I feel like we are often very distanced from our original roots and where we come from. Traditional African dance (at Bishop McNamara) gave me a sense of being deeply rooted in my culture. African dance is a technique that is perfected over the years. The excitement I get from it is that it is a style that really allows me to show my personality. It is also a great way to release any stress. The experiences I have had at McNamara definitely improved me … made me the person I am. McNamara is like a big family – we are all different, but we are all friends and we all talk and we all share experiences. That made me more knowledgeable and a better person.”

Ava Garland '23
Alumni, Student at the University of Michigan

Paul O'Brien, Teacher

“I love how our students truly develop a thirst for justice. Our kids often become very active in causes that promote a greater society. In a world torn apart in so many ways, our kids truly become active, bringers of hope!”

Ms. Paul O'Brien
Faculty, Theology Department

Kow Simpson '22 accepted to Harvard, Duke, Brown, University of Maryland and more

BMHS prepared me for college since my freshman year when I had to learn how to be more organized to keep up with my assignments. For four years, I  had to complete homework assignments for every class, which required me to learn to balance my schedule and commitments.”

Kow Simpson '22
Alumni, Harvard University Student

Carl Schuettler, parent of Collin '27

“My son was in public school for K-8th grade and I had some concerns with him moving to private school this school year. There was a brief time for him to get adjusted to the stronger academic demands, but it didn't take him long. McNamara is a family environment as everyone is so welcoming, helpful, and supportive. It's the culture. The teachers offer time for the students after school if they need help. The communication from the school, administration, admissions, teachers, staff, and coaches is great. They just added a new science and tech facility which is amazing. The safety and security of the students is clearly a priority that they take very seriously. The athletic programs are awesome and they are in the WCAC, one of the best and most competitive athletic conferences in the entire country for every sport.”

Mr. Carl Schuettler
Parent of Cullen '27