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BISHOP McNAMARA HIGH SCHOOLA Catholic, Holy Cross, Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Grades 9-12

Project PRIDE

Dr. Marco Clark '85, President/CEO, right, and Ms. Tia Bell, Counselor, present an award to Giselle Rose '20, student Project PRIDE.

The Project PRIDE Program seeks to establish and maintain a standard of excellence whereby each student in the program benefits from learning in an environment incorporated with support, concern, specialized attention and individualized goal setting. The Project PRIDE Program at Bishop McNamara High School was established in 1999 as an admissions inclusion program.  The purpose of the Project PRIDE Program is to begin to work with 20-25 incoming 9th grade students who present one or more significant factors that may impede academic success.  

The Project PRIDE Program begins with summer remediation in Math, English and Reading. During the months of July and August and during the school year, personal counseling, field trips, adjustment counseling, academic counseling, guest speakers, workshops, and team building experiences are all important components of the program.

The goal of the Project PRIDE Program is to instill in each student a drive and a determination to overcome any obstacle or happenstance that would deter him or her from being the absolute best student they can be at Bishop McNamara High School. It is during these years of important preparation, the foundations for self-esteem and success are permeated, enabling future achievements to be realized.

The Director of the Project PRIDE Program is Ms. Tia Bell; she can be reached at or 301-735-8401 Ext. 146.

Enjoy a slideshow of the Project PRIDE Awards Ceremony.