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Bishop McNamara Provides Its Students with Rigorous Academic Programs

We offer each student an individualized learning experience that meets and often exceeds the requirements for college admission or for other types of professional preparation.

Our best-in-class education is made possible by:

  • an experienced, dedicated faculty who are on a mission to inspire & motivate our students
  • a rich curriculum with a wide variety of learning and experiential opportunities
  • a catalog of distinctive core courses in STEM, Honors, Advanced Placement, and unique electives
  • a community with a mission to educate the hearts as well as the minds of our students
Academic Fast Facts

Excellence in Education

Talib Reddick goes to Brown
College Preparatory

The College-Preparatory curriculum at Bishop McNamara helps students meet the demanding academic requirements for entry into colleges and universities. Our over 250 college-preparatory courses challenge students to higher academic standards and expectations with increased, more complex coursework providing a solid foundation for college, university, and career programs.

Distinguished Faculty
Dedicated & experienced Faculty

Our Faculty averages more than 16 years of professional experience in their respective fields and over 64% hold advanced educational degrees.  With the mission to develop the minds and hearts of all our students and a belief in the potential of young people, our faculty endeavors to provide a rich curriculum with a wide variety of learning opportunities that ignite enthusiasm, support creativity, and inspire curiosity in our students.

LRSIC Innovation Lab
STEM &  Innovation

Our STEM education prepares students to be college and career-ready as STEM-proficient members of society. Our coursework integrates content and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while placing special emphasis on unique STEM educational experiences. Our STEM program focuses on hands-on learning with real-world applications helping students understand critical thinking, build creativity to lead to innovation, and develop problem-solving skills.

Bishop McNamara has developed unique partnerships with NASA, QUBIT Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Tomorrow, U.S. Air Force CyberPatriot, Physcira, and ACE Mentor Program.

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Welcome Mustangs
Advanced Placement Courses

Our Advanced Placement Program offers rigorous college-level curricula and assessments to our high school students, bringing a rich college experience to Bishop McNamara with the opportunity to earn college credit at thousands of colleges and universities. AP courses are taught by our trained and highly qualified teachers who use AP Course Descriptions to guide them.

This program offers a more challenging course of study for academically prepared students who are highly motivated to take a more active role in their learning process. Students are recommended for AP courses through the admissions process or by their current teachers.

Chemistry Lab
Honors Courses

For Bishop McNamara students seeking a rigorous learning experience, we offer a broad selection of 56 honors-level courses. These are advanced courses designed to provide a more academically challenging curriculum to students who have excelled in their previous classes,  and shown they can handle the workload. These courses are for motivated students with a strong interest in particular subject areas. Because these are higher-level classes proceeding at a faster pace and covering more material than regular classes, these courses provide talented high school students an excellent way to demonstrate their academic competency and discipline to colleges and universities.


Graduate Profile

  • Think creatively and critically, ask thought-provoking questions, and solve problems concerning local, national, and international issues
  • Collaborate and communicate clearly using academic, technological, and personal skills to embrace the opportunities and challenges of an interconnected world
Faith and Morals
  • Exhibit self-awareness and understanding of personal faith as they develop a personal relationship with God
  • Embody strong morals to face difficult decisions and to act in a manner that reflects an understanding of the dignity God affords all people
Service and Justice
  • Empathize with others and value service as a personal commitment and a social responsibility
  • Exercise charity modeled by the ethics of Christ to the poor and marginalized
Formation of Self
  • Gain appreciation for a broad range of disciplines and the opportunity to excel and succeed in their personal passions whether that is academics, athletics or the arts, to develop their sense of self and continue to evolve as life-long learners
  • Cultivate 21st-century skills and a healthy lifestyle by understanding moderation and discipline in all things such as organization, nutrition, and exercise
Transformation of Society
  • Appreciate cultures other than their own
  • Embrace differences in culture and use this knowledge to better find their role in the global community and to develop their identity

Our College Acceptances

Harvard University logo
US Coast Guard Academy
Howard University
Duke University
University of Maryland
Mount St. Mary's University
Wake Forest University
Carnegie Mellon University
North Carolina A & T State University
University of Notre Dame
U.S. Air Force Academy
Towson University
University of North Carolina
University of Rochester
George Washington University
Xavier University of Louisiana
Columbia University
Coastal Carolina University
Princeton University
Morgan State University
Ohio State University
Stetson University
Temple University
Purdue University
Tulane University of Louisiana
Vanderbilt University
Fordham University
Culinary Institute of America
Salisbury University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Tuskegee University
Seton Hall University
Clemson University
Virginia Tech

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