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BISHOP McNAMARA HIGH SCHOOLA Catholic, Holy Cross, Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Grades 9-12

Tuition, Fees, Payment Plans

Tuition $16,360
Re-Registration Fee (due by 3/22/19) $350
Late Re-Registration Fee (after 3/22/19) $450
Annual Book Rental Fee $350
Technology Fee $150
St. Joseph Program Fee $2,000
St. Joseph Program Maintenance Fee $500
Kairos Fee (Junior Class only) $100
Senior Fee (Senior Class only) $200
All students are required to bring their own computing device (such as a laptop or tablet) to school. Go to Educational Technology for basic requirements and more information.


Parents may choose to pay tuition in full, per semester or 10 monthly payments, after Registration Fee is paid.

(For Class of 2023 - Go to Tuition and Fees)


Uniforms are purchased through:

Flynn & O'Hara and the Carousel Uniform Shop carry most uniform items.

The Mustang Shop carries a few items for your convenience such as PE uniforms, socks, ties and cardigans.

Check each of the sites or contact the store to find out what is available.

Parent Service Hours

10 Parent Service Hours per family per academic year are required.

(If unable to fulfill this requirement, donation of $40 per service hour must be made to the school.).

For more information, forms, and Parent Service Hour Look-up, parents will view this in the Parent Portal, or contact Mrs. Melissa Antonio Huar.


All students are required to bring their own computing device (such as laptop or tablet) to school for classroom use. Details are available on the Educational Technology page.

Our mission must look to prepare students for the world they live in as well as to encourage them to make that world a better place - Father Basil Moreau

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