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BISHOP McNAMARA HIGH SCHOOLA Catholic, Holy Cross, Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Grades 9-12

Tuition, Fees, Payments

Education is your best investment

Tuition and Fees

Tuition (see payment plans below) $17,950
Re-Registration Fee (due by 3/12/21) $350
Late Re-Registration Fee (after 3/12/21) $450
Lunch Fee $1,050
Annual Book Rental Fee $400
Technology Fee (see info below) $250
St. Joseph/St. Andre Program Fee ( if applicable) $2,000
Kairos Fee (Junior Class only) $100
Senior Graduation Fee (Senior Class only) $225
Athletic Fee (Athletes only) $175

All students are required to bring their own computing device (such as a laptop or tablet) to school. Go to Educational Technology for basic requirements and more information.

Students are required to wear uniforms. See uniform information below.

Payment Plans: Three Options

FACTS Tuition Management and Financial Assistance Programs

Bishop McNamara High School uses FACTS to manage tuition and billing for families. All families are required to sign up with FACTS and pay tuition and fees directly through FACTS. 

Select one of the Payment Plans below for more information and instructions.

MacPay through MySchoolWallet App

Reminder: All Tuition must be paid through FACTS 

We now have the MacPay through MySchoolWallet app to pay for miscellaneous fees, fundraisers, certain events, concessions, Mustang Pop-Up Shop, Student Activities, Parents' Club Events, etc.

How do I sign into the MacPay App for the first time?
  • Go to your App Store on your phone.
  • Search for MySchoolWallet and install.
  • Complete your profile and select Bishop McNamara High School as your school and hit PAY.  
  • You will see various events and departments, listed as a payment types. Select one of the payment types and follow the onscreen directions. Be sure to complete the student's name and fill out the NOTE with what the payment is for (for example, Athletic Uniform Fee or Band Uniform or SAT payment with the date taken.)
  • Please check the box "I would like to absorb processing costs so that the school receives my whole payment." Each transaction in MacPay incurs a processing cost from the bank.
  • Once your transaction has gone through, you will receive an email confirmation and receipt.

REMINDER: In order to get the proper credit on your tuition account, please do not pay Tuition and Fees listed in the Tuition chart above through MacPay.

MySchoolWallet App for payments
MacPay in MySchoolWallet App - Bishop McNamara High School Payment App
MacPay in MySchoolWallet App
Payment Details in Bishop McNamara's MacPay
Payment Method in MacPay for Bishop McNamara


Details regarding the correct Bishop McNamara High School Uniform are contained in the Student Handbook available in both the Maccess Parent and Student Portals under Resources. Before purchasing any uniforms, be sure to consult the Student  Handbook.

Uniforms can be purchased through:

Flynn O'Hara Uniforms and the Carousel Uniform Shop carry most uniform items.

The Mustang Shop carries a few items for your convenience such as PE uniforms, socks, ties and cardigans.

Used Uniform sales are conducted throughout the year. Watch for announcements of days and times.

Check each of the sites or contact the store to find out what is available.

Special note about sCHOOL UNIFORMS for the fall

We have several options for parents to purchase uniforms for the fall. These companies have provided alternate safe options for ordering and delivery. Check out their websites for more details.

Flynn O'Hara Uniforms 

Flynn O'Hara Uniforms has also provided some additional information for parents:

Carousel Clothing & Uniforms

(301) 645-4660
Store Reopening, Monday, June 1st!
Store hours until further notice: 
Monday, Wednesday and  Friday 12 til 7; Saturday 10 til 4

Parent Service Hours

10 Parent Service Hours per family per academic year are required.

Please check on Maccess Parent portal for changes in hour requirements due to Covid 19.

(If unable to fulfill this requirement, donation of $40 per service hour must be made to the school.).

For more information, forms, and Parent Service Hour Look-up, parents will view this in the Parent Portal, or contact Mrs. Melissa Antonio Huar.


All students are required to bring their own computing device (such as laptop or tablet) to school for classroom use. Details are available on the Educational Technology page.