Recreational Activities

Bishop McNamara offers a wide variety of Recreational Clubs and Activities for the student body. Please use the links below to explore the various options at BMHS. Don't see your favorite club or activity on this list? Contact Mrs. Deanna Johnson for information on new clubs.

Adventure Club

The Adventure Club provides its members with an opportunity to participate in multiple outdoor activities. The club will be doing multiple trips that the members will vote on and will change seasonally. Possible events may include hiking, cycling, ropes course, ice skating, skiing, kayaking, and whitewater rafting. There will also be opportunities to learn safety techniques throughout the year.

Moderator: Mr. Gallagher

Aviation Club

The Aviation Club is designed to promote interest in aviation as a career or hobby by introducing members to all aspects of aviation. This includes a ground school as well as actual flight training. Special training sessions will be planned and scheduled in coordination with Club Cloud II Training School.

Moderator: Mr. London

Chess Team

The Chess club provides students an opportunity to learn and play chess. Beginners are taught the basic techniques of play and are given the opportunity to play against other students.

Moderator: Mr. Gloster

Cooking Club

The Cooking Club educates Bishop McNamara students on the art and essence of cooking through instruction and hands-on experience. Events may include cooking demonstrations, a cook-off and grocery store visits. The club will also sponsor fundraising activities.

Moderator: Mrs. McGee (Parent Volunteer)

Filmmakers Club

The mission of Filmmakers Club is to provide Bishop McNamara students with an opportunity to learn about and practice film making and screenwriting as forms of creative expression.

Our goals this year are to complete production on last year's project, The Red Shoes, complete a second project, and enter our completed films into local and national film festivals; namely the Maryland Film Festival and the All American High School Film Festival.

A field trip is also a possibility if participation is high.

Moderator: Mr. Mason-Callaway

Fiction Writing Club

The mission of the Fiction Writing Club is to create a space for aspiring writers to come together and share what they've been working on as well as collaborate with one another on new and exciting prompts. Our goals this year include learning how to give and receive constructive criticism, especially on passion projects like novels, fan fiction, or poems, is a key takeaway from this club. However, publishing a magazine or making a website for people to read and see this work would be a worthy goal.

The Fiction Writing Club will coordinate fundraising events to raise funds for the arts, perhaps something sponsored by the NEA.

Moderator: Mr. Vazzana

Fitness Club

The purpose of this club is to promote fitness among club members and the McNamara community and to provide opportunities for participation in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.
Fitness Club activities may include exercise sessions, programs on nutritional awareness and guest speakers on topics of interest to club members.

Moderator: Mr. Jones

Girls Coding Club

Bishop McNamara's Girls Coding Club exists to encourage young women to enter the field of Computer Science. Ultimately, the club and its members seek to create a more diverse community of STEM students across the nation. Its long term goals are to:

  • Enable members with coding skills that will assist them in the workplace
  • Finish a long term project
  • Create and spread interest in computer science among the young women of the BMHS community

Moderator: Mr. Buckley

Go Club

The goal of the Go Club is to provide students with a fun and supportive environment to both learn and play the ancient board game Go. While playing the game, students will have the chance to make new friends and socialize. We work hard to maintain a friendly atmosphere and welcome layers of all skill levels.

Moderator: Mr. Shryock

High Def A Capella Group

The High Def a cappella group is open to male students who like to sing or beat box. Music students and non-music students are welcomed to join. The group sings a variety of musical genres, including: R&B, pop, jazz and show.

The mission of Hi Def is to musically perform in excellence while manifesting core values important to Bishop McNamara High School's own mission statement through service, leadership and team work.

Last year, the group was invited to perform for several events such as Father/Son Prayer Breakfast and the Mother/Son Brunch to name a few.

This year's goals are to continue strengthening performances through efficient rehearsals and to foster strong leadership skills amongst group members through rehearsals and performance opportunities.

Moderator: Ms. Sutton

Hip-Hop Dance Club

The Hip Hop Club exists to express student's talents in dancing without having to audition. The purpose of this new club is to be able to seek for those that have the passion of dancing.

Moderator: Mr. Mason-Callaway

Interact Club

Interact is a club for young people ages 12-18 who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about. Through Interact, students can carry out hands-on service projects, make international connections, develop leadership skills, and have fun!

Interact provides fun, meaningful service activities while providing a chance to develop leadership skills and meet new friends.

Moderator: Mr. Brower


The intramural program is conducted to promote appropriate use of leisure time as a life-long habit and to promote a sense of community in an atmosphere of good will, sportsmanship, and healthy competition. The program is student-assisted, thereby allowing for the exercise of organizational, managerial and leadership skills by students. Intramural games are conducted after school, on Saturdays and other convenient times. Throughout the school year, a variety of intramural competitions in other sports may be scheduled as appropriate.

Moderator: To be announced

Martial Arts Club

The Martial Arts Club is designed to establish a community for the dedicated martial artists within Bishop McNamara High School. The club provides a forum for these students to meet each other and exchange knowledge about their various arts. Club members may also participate in I.C.E. Night activities, view martial arts movies and conduct clinics for other members of the school community.

Moderator: Mr. Shryock

Modern & Classical Languages (MCL) Club

The Modern & Classical Languages (MCL) Club exists to form a bridge between students here at Bishop McNamara High School and the world beyond the borders of our school walls as well as our nations shores. The mission of this club is to be a cultural door through which students can pass to experience the wonderful diversity that is God’s family and learn to communicate through cultural awareness and respect for our differences.

The goals for this year are to grow our club’s enrollment and to celebrate a school-wide World Community Day, bringing the stories, tastes and cultures of countries represented by the languages taught here, as well as those represented in our student body, to our community.

Moderator: Ms. Fegueroa

Pep Band

The Mighty Mustang Pep Band is an extracurricular band that supports the Athletic Department. This band performs at most home Varsity Football and Varsity Basketball Games. In addition, the Pep Band also performs at events such as the new student orientation, pep rallies, and other occasions. There are not many rehearsals for Pep Band. The group rehearses twice in August and then has only a couple of seasonal rehearsals to get ready for the football and basketball seasons.Other than that, the only commitment is to attend the games and show mustang spirit. Go, Mustangs!

Moderator: Mrs. Amos-Hardy

Photography Club

The Photography Club offers students an opportunity to expand their interest in photography, especially digital photography, and to work with a variety of digital enhancement software. The club also offers field studies in different areas of photography. Possible events may include field trips, photography exhibits and contests and the production of photography books.

Moderator: Ms. Magee

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club serves to inspire the next generation of engineers, while promoting the development and appreciation of STEM education.

The club’s goals for the year are:

  • To teach young students about the wonders and the beauty of robotics and computer science.
  • To create an environment that will foster creativity and a love for science and engineering.
  • To create a club that will challenge one’s problem-solving skills, teamwork, creativity, and technical knowledge in a collaborative way.

Possible Service Projects for the Club:

  • Visit elementary schools to inform young children about the marvels of engineering through exciting hands-on projects.
  • Host a seminar for the Maryland Stem Festival that would encourage children or high-school students to enter a specific STEM career (Ex.) Hold a coding seminar to influence young students to go into the field of computer science.)
  • Participate in robotics competitions that could possibly raise money for McNamara (Idea: Money could go towards the idea of launching a STEM program at the school.)
  • Embark on robotics projects that could be used for humanitarian purposes.
Moderator: Mr. Buckley

Spirit Club

The purpose of the McNamara Spirit Club is to promote school activities and student involvement, raise school spirit, and give students a voice in creating a positive school atmosphere. Specific events include Homecoming banners and decorations, planning pep rallies, P.A. announcements to encourage attendance at athletic events and any other appropriate school spirit-raising activities.

Moderator: Ms. Grice and Dr. Mason

Step Team

The McNamara Step Team provides an opportunity for interested students to participate in stepping. The team works to improve their skills and to entertain members of the McNamara community at programs such as pep rallies, athletic events, talent shows, etc. The Step Team helps to promote a sense of school spirit through its performances. Activities will include regularly scheduled practices and performances at a variety of school functions, as appropriate. The team may also participate in fundraising events.

Moderator: Ms. Graham

Togetherness Club

Togetherness is the state of being close to another person or other people.The purpose of Togetherness club is to build community among members of the McNamara family through participation in games that typically require a large amount of players. It is a great opportunity to build lasting friendships among your peers and get to know people in our community.

Moderator: Mr. Vazanna

Slam Poetry Team

This is a competitive Slam Poetry Team. Meetings provided a safe space for students to develop their poetry through a mix of individual and collective writing. The team may compete in local spoken word competitions and at school assemblies.

Moderator: Ms. Graham

Yoga Club

The Yoga Club is open to all students who are interested in learning about and practicing the ancient art of yoga. The club strives to make yoga accessible to all skill and fitness levels while encouraging students to learn breathing and relaxation techniques they can use in every phase of their lives. The Yoga Club meets each week for one hour to practice yoga, either with a video or an occasional guest instructor. Participation in the video classes is free; there is a small fee for classes with guest instructors. Club members may also participate in free yoga sessions offered at the National Harbor, etc. when possible.

Moderator: Mrs. Mendiola

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