Cultural Organizations


Bishop McNamara High School has a variety of Cultural Organizations to provide activities and opportunities for the student body. Click on an organization below for more information and moderator for Cultural Organizations.

Anime Culture Club

The Anime Culture views and discusses works of Japanese animation and foreign cinema. After viewings, the club meets to discuss the films, focusing on literary themes and cultural traditions presented.

Moderator: Mrs. Heneghan

Black Cultural Alliance


The purpose of the Black Cultural Alliance is to increase knowledge of African American history in a meaningful manner. The mission is to gain a better understanding of society and to provide and showcase cultural diversity. Special events include guest speakers, the Black History Month assembly and the ICE (Inter-Cultural Exchange) Night planned with other McNamara cultural clubs.

Moderator: Mr. Mason-Calloway, Ms. Rucker, Mr. Glover-Hines


Big Hair, Don't Care!

The purpose of this club is to inform the young girls of our school community, which is majority African American females, about the beauty of our natural hair. We have been told for so long that our hair isn't beautiful, isn't good enough and isn't manageable. And sadly, there are still girls who still believe this. Our mission is to inform our sisters on how to take care of your beautiful hair, and to support each other on our individual hair journey. But even though the club is based on natural black hair, this doesn't mean that it is restricted to girls/boys with only natural hair. The group is meant to be open to everyone, to teach and inform everyone about natural black hair, but especially inform to those who have or want to be natural.

It is also our goal to fundraise for different groups that are based on helping girls who have lost their hair due to cancer or other diseases which cause hair loss.

Moderator: TBA

East Asian Culture Club

The Korean Culture Club exposes students to the various aspects of the Korean culture including language, food, and pop culture. Students will watch Korean films and TV shows, visit local Korean restaurants, and much more! Learn more about the Hallyu Wave sweeping the globe!

Moderator: Mr. Pozniak and Mr. Williams

Filipino American Cultural Enlightenment Club (F.A.C.E.)

The Filipino Americans for Cultural Enlightenment (F.A.C.E.) Club's purpose is to bring together students of McNamara who want to learn more about the Filipino culture and the country of the Philippines. The group will also share their knowledge in making others aware of the unique language and culture of the Philippine nation. Specific events may include movies, field trips to the Philippine Embassy and Filipino restaurants, foreign language week participation, Tagalog language classes, Filipino cuisine lunches and/or dinners. The F.A.C.E. Club works with other McNamara cultural clubs to plan the ICE (Inter-Cultural Exchange) Night program.

Moderator: Ms. Treichel


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