Distance Learning

Calendared Days & Unplanned Cancelled School Plans

Calendared Distance Learning Goal: Create an opportunity for a student to learn, outside the normal confinement of the school classroom, which enriches and extends a student's experience of education.

Details: Assignments will be posted on each teacher's website and should take about 90 minutes for a student to complete for each subject. Distance learning assignments are required and they are due in class upon returning to school. Please see the information below for which subject areas are assigned for these days (to be posted shortly). Note, these assignments are for core courses only. No elective courses will assign distance learning assignments.

Distance Learning Day I

Distance Learning Day II

Distance Learning Day III

Distance Learning Day IV

Unplanned Cancelled School Distance Learning Goal: Challenge students to continue learning the content in their classes despite the fact that school is cancelled for multiple days.

Details: After two days of cancelled school, one Maroon day and one Gold day, assignments will be posted on teachers' websites by 9am for each day from there on after. Students are expected to work from a distance to maintain the learning process. These distance learning assignments will be for all the classes scheduled on each day that was cancelled, after the first two days. Assignments should take an hour or less for a student to complete for each subject. Any unplanned distance learning assignments will not presume that all students have access to resources that could be in a student's locker. These required assignments are due in class upon returning to school. Example: If school is cancelled on Monday and Tuesday, then on Wednesday morning students are expected to check their teachers' websites for the classes they would have on that Wednesday for assignments. If school is cancelled again on Thursday then students are expected to retrieve assignments from their teachers' websites that would have met on Thursday.

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