Physical Education/Health

The Physical Education department, which include PE, Health Education, Sports Medicine, and Team Sports, strives to promote and support the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of our students. Our program is designed to assist students to make the connection between good health, physical activity and the quality of one’s life, thus empowering them to assume responsibility for personal choices, self-esteem, and fulfillment of their greatest potential.  

The faculty of this department includes four dedicated educators with a combined teaching and coaching experience of over 75 years, most of those years right here at Bishop McNamara. While striving to promote interest and participation in physical fitness, health and wellness, our educators hope to encourage autonomy which extends beyond the classroom into a lifelong involvement in personal well-being. 

Health Education

Health Education focuses on the development of positive behaviors, leading to improved health and the prevention of health problems. Units in Health Education cover such topics as mental health, nutrition, drug use, family life and human sexuality, and disease control. The importance of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification is stressed and the opportunity for CPR certification courses are open to students throughout the year. 

Physical Education

Physical Education and Team Sports classes provide the opportunity for students to experience different sports, develop skill acquisition, and to share that expertise with classmates. For more details about the courses offered, please see course descriptions in the Course Bulletin shown at left.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine offers students the ability to work with teams, learning basic concepts of anatomy, the mechanism and prevention of injury, and the administration of athletic training. Additionally, students cover such topics as sports nutrition, drugs and supplements, as well as common illnesses and diseases typically seen by Certified Athletic Trainers (for complete information, go to Sports Medicine.)

Physical Education/Health Department Courses

Physical Education I
Physical Education II
Sports Medicine
Team Sports

Physical Education/Health Department FAQs

Do students take Physical Education all 4 Years?

Physical Education classes are required for 1 semester in the 9th year and 1 semester in the 10th grade year. Additionally, a health course is required in the 9th grade year. Bishop McNamara High School offers electives that the students can take the 11th and 12th grade years so that they may elect to have a Physical Education course each year.

Describe the required Physical Education courses.

Physical Education I introduces the basic skills and rules needed to participate in individual and team sports. The students will also participate in fitness activities on a daily basis to develop a positive attitude toward exercise and to see the benefits of cardiovascular fitness and a well-toned body. Physical Education II will continue instruction in a variety of sports. Students will be instructed in strength training and proper usage of equipment in the weight room.
The Health course is taught to single-sex classrooms. The following issues are addressed: mental health; tobacco, alcohol and drugs; personal and consumer health; nutrition and fitness; safety, first aid and injury prevention; family life and human sexuality; and disease prevention and control.

Is a Physical Education credit given to students who play a varsity sport?

No, credit is not awarded for varsity sport participation.
Both are seen as beneficial to student development. Physical education courses promote interest in a variety of sports among all students.

Describe the electives offered.

Sports Medicine introduces students to the field of sports medicine. Emphasis is placed on basic principles and terminology regarding causes and consequences of athletic injuries. Students will gain a basic knowledge of anatomy, first aid, preventative measures, and rehabilitative techniques.

Team sports is a one semester course to broaden the students' understanding and enjoyment of team sports. Students participate in four team sports (basketball, football, speedball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, floor hockey and softball) as well as taking skills tests, giving reports and taking written exams.

Department Contacts

Brenda Stephens
Physical Education/Health Department Chair

Christine Bickel
Jessica Nash
Head Athletic Trainer
Donald Perham
Bishop McNamara High School
6800 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD 20747
Phone: 301.735.8401
Fax: 301.735.0934
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