Holy Cross at Bishop McNamara

From the beginning Holy Cross ministry has focused on education. There are Holy Cross elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities worldwide which engage in the work of bringing about the Kingdom of God on earth. A Holy Cross education is aimed at achieving balance between preparing students to be good citizens of this world as well as the next, heaven. Fr. Moreau wrote that "our students should be ignorant of nothing they need to know." Therefore we focus on offering information and formation for the transformation of the world. A Holy Cross education is committed to four main pillars:

  1. Being Family
  2. Building Respect
  3. Educating Minds and Hearts
  4. Bringing Hope

Holy Cross spirituality is based on 5 themes: Providence, Zeal, Prayer, Community, and ‘The Cross our Only Hope' (the motto of Holy Cross, Ave Crux, Spes Unica). Our Mission, as expressed in these 5 themes, is ultimately to be Christ to others and to bring Christ to others. Father Moreau, in writing Christian Education, set forth 9 virtues that Holy Cross educators should possess: reverence, knowledge, vigilance, seriousness, meekness, patience, firmness, prudence, and zeal. He described teachers as ones who "like to be bothered by young people."

At Bishop McNamara, we celebrate our Holy Cross heritage in many ways. Primarily, the Holy Cross charism is experienced in the daily interactions between our students, faculty, staff, and parents. The experience of being family is at the core of who we are. Each year in January we take a week to celebrate our heritage in Holy Cross Week, including liturgy, competitions, service, and education. Our new faculty orientation and faculty formation programs are focused around developing educators in the Holy Cross tradition.

Students and faculty also have the opportunity to gather with other Holy Cross schools. Each summer students attend the Holy Cross Student Leadership Institute either at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana or St. Edward University in Austin, Texas. Faculty members have the opportunity to attend the Mission Seminar held each summer Kings College in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Our administration and invited faculty participate in the Holy Cross Institute each spring and our President/CEO, Marco Clark ‘85, and Past-President, Heather Gossart, have both attended the Holy Cross Pilgrimage which includes visits to Holy Cross sites in France as well as the opportunity to gather with Holy Cross educators from around the world.

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The Four Pillars of Holy Cross
Education is the art of bringing young people to completeness. Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, Founder, Congregation of Holy Cross


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