Academic Excellence for All Students

Value Statement

Bishop McNamara High School provides a Catholic, college-preparatory education that values academic excellence for all students and a curriculum that informs, forms and transforms our students to reach their God-given potential by educating their hearts and minds while preparing them for life within the context of a global community.  

Goals and Objectives

I. Ensuring students’ success in college and in life, the school’s curriculum and course offerings are rooted in the Catholic faith and the Holy Cross mission and charism. To accomplish this goal, the school will:  

  • Measure students’ mastery of essential knowledge and curriculum goals using benchmark course assessments and adjust to the needs of the students.
  • Continue to develop and implement strategies for challenging all students to meet their God-given potential.
  • Facilitate opportunities for students to examine and experience concepts, issues and cultures within a global context to help them be responsible and contributing members of society.
  • Develop and implement a plan to minimize excessive interruptions to instructional time so as to maximize opportunities for quality instruction and learning.

II. Advancing teaching excellence, faculty and staff pursue scholarly and professional development activities both individually and collaboratively. To accomplish this goal, the school will:

  • Provide greater resources for the formation of faculty. Create and implement a plan for faculty to communicate effectively and collaborate in teams to increase communication and sharing of successful teaching strategies.
  • Foster an environment that continues to attract and maintain highly qualified faculty and staff who positively and passionately guide our students to academic excellence and spiritual development consistent with the mission and charism of Holy Cross.

III. Recognizing student differences and focusing on achieving measurable growth for every student,  students will encounter teachers and programs that begin by engaging each student at his/her level of academic growth and spiritual  development.  To accomplish this goal, the school will: 

  • Continue to foster an environment in which faith is integrated with learning and living through the living example of the faculty, by relating the Gospel message to content areas, in partnership with families, and through service to the outside community.
  • Clarify goals and expectations for each course in order to assist students to prioritize and focus on essential concepts and content literacy.
  • Encourage students, across the curriculum, to become 21st century leaders by learning to think critically, reason logically, problem-solve creatively, communicate effectively, work collaboratively and inspire positive values with the understanding that “knowledge itself does not bring about positive values, but positive values do influence knowledge and put it to a good use” (Moreau).

IV. Deepen and enrich the fine arts as a means to develop  the whole individual and to prepare the students to share their artistic gifts with the Bishop McNamara community and beyond.  To accomplish this goal, the school will: 

  • Recognize that participation in the fine arts enhances a student's ability to communicate creatively and develops understanding of group dynamics in order to contribute positively to a collaborative project.
  • Develop the innate gifts and talents of each student within the fine arts while challenging each student with the cognitive concepts of technique that form the foundation of all fine art.
  • Provide performance and exhibit opportunities for the students in order to share their talents with both the McNamara community and beyond.
  • Strive to integrate fine arts into the overall curriculum so the students can better understand the ways in which the fine arts fit within the context of our historical heritage as well as current trends and events
Education is the art of bringing young people to completeness. Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, Founder, Congregation of Holy Cross


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