Mission & Philosophy

Bishop McNamara Mission Statement

Bishop McNamara High School, a college preparatory school in the Holy Cross tradition, exists to educate and to form young men and women in and through the Catholic faith. The school challenges its students to think with Christ: a thought animated by the gospel, manifested in service, and informed by academic excellence.

Bishop McNamara Philosophy

Bishop McNamara High School, a college preparatory school in the Holy Cross tradition, exists to educate and to form young men and women in and through the Catholic faith. Through spiritual and academic guidance and service to others, the school provides an opportunity to participate in the practice of the Catholic faith in an atmosphere supportive of religious values. This faith message is taught not in isolation but is integrated with learning and living by relating the Gospel message to content areas, by the living example of faculty and staff, by partnership with families, and by service to the outside community.

By welcoming students from diverse backgrounds, the school exposes its students to a variety of traditions beyond their own, instilling a respect for the cultures and values of others. Bishop McNamara is committed to developing in all students a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. The school also seeks to instill a sense of responsibility for one's actions and for the well being of the local and global community. Students learn this responsibility through a range of evolving curricular, co-curricular, and institutional programs. The school serves those within our community without prejudice, accepting all persons as they have been created in God's infinite goodness.

The school provides a strong, challenging and diverse curriculum that allows each student to achieve success commensurate with ability and effort. The school helps the student develop the power to reason independently and think creatively. Included in this program are co-curricular activities, which are provided to cultivate a student's interests and skills.

Ultimately, the school challenges its students to think with Christ--a thought animated by the Gospel, manifested in service and informed by academic excellence.


Bishop McNamara High School is sponsored by the Congregation of Holy Cross, whose earliest educational establishment in the United States is the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, Indiana. A competent staff of laypersons joins the Holy Cross religious in the operation of the high school.

Mission Statement of the Congregation of Holy Cross

The Congregation of Holy Cross has established schools, as a continuation of the legacy of the Reverend Basil Anthony Moreau, to cultivate minds and hearts and to serve the needs of the Church and the world. Educational institutions sponsored by the Eastern Province of Brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross are entrusted with the stewardship of the vision of Father Moreau. These institutions, their boards and faculty, employ their resources in partnership with students, parents, guardians and other members of the wider community.

As effective educators, we assist others to view all reality through the eyes of faith. Holy Cross schools offer educational programs to a diverse group of students fostering the gifts of those with whom and for whom we work. We teach the Catholic faith; we encourage the pursuit of academic excellence; we nurture a commitment to integral growth by focusing on Christian values and the intellectual, creative, social and physical development of those we serve. We spur those whom we serve to challenge prejudice as well as unjust networks of power and privilege.

Holy Cross sponsored schools exist to promote the legacy and vision of Father Moreau by developing leaders among the People of God for the good of Church and society.

A Holy Cross School Community

  • Evangelizes and educates in the Faith through religious instruction, spiritual and moral guidance and campus ministry programs
  • Participates in the local Church
  • Serves a diverse population
  • Provides students, especially the poor and disadvantaged, with access to a range of educational opportunities
  • Interacts as a family
  • Helps students live up to their intellectual promise
  • Selects and retains teachers and staff with great care
  • Enables students to become informed and active citizens
  • Instills a sense of self-worth and accomplishment in each student
  • Fosters a respectful and disciplined learning environment
  • Takes pride in efficient and well-maintained facilities
Bishop McNamara High School
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