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As Bishop McNamara High School looks to prepare students for "the business and the problems of the world" (Moreau, Christian Education) the topic of instructional technology becomes important. The integration of technology into the classroom has been a focus in pedagogical and budgetary planning for more than a decade in order to form students into 21st century learners. Within Moreau's philosophy of education, he consistently discusses how mission must look to prepare students for the world they live in as well as to encourage them to make that world a better place. As a Holy Cross school, Bishop McNamara is committed to remaining current with technological advancements. It is our duty to help prepare our students to be future leaders and good global citizens.

iPad Requirements

iPad Requirements

Students must have an iPad that is able to be updated to the most recent iOS. If a new iPad is being purchased for the 2017-2018 school year, families should purchase, at minimum, the iPad with 32 GB of memory. This device will be sufficient for the entirety of a child's time at Bishop McNamara. The devices do not need cellular capabilities. Families are welcome to buy iPads with more memory, as well as upgrade to the iPad Pro, if they wish. Any questions in regards to iPads can be directed to


Classrooms: Most classrooms are outfitted with:

  • Short-throw projectors: These projectors, mounted above white boards, allow for interaction with projected content without creating oppressive shadows or blinding the presenter.
  • Apple TV: Apple TVs allow for direct access to a number of multi-media apps as well as providing the ability to Airplay and mirror from iPads.
  • Desktop Computers: All the traditional functionality of a PC is available in each room; PCs are able to project through the short-throw projectors.
  • Sound Systems:

St. Joseph Library Media Center: The library is outfitted with:

  • 24 thin client computers: Students have access to computers during free periods in the library. Students can use a variety of provided programs (such as Microsoft Office), as well as access enumerable web resources that the school subscribes to (JSTOR, MathXL, Descubre)
  • Long-throw Projector w/ Apple TV: The Library has the same presentation compatibility as the classrooms.

Computer Classrooms: In addition to the standard classroom technology, rooms 219 and 220 are outfitted with 24 and 25 thin client computers (respectively) for usage in technology classes (Web Design, Digital Photography, etc.). Room 306 is outfitted with 14 thin client computers which allow regular computer usage as well as direct connectivity to two racks of Cisco routers and switches in support of the Cisco Administration classes offered to students.

General Infrastructure: The BMHS wireless network uses 40+ wireless access points to provide wireless coverage across the entire campus. Multiple Internet service providers provide large amounts of redundant bandwidth. The virtualized server environment and SAN provide a platform that is agile and redundant for supporting the computer needs of the faculty, staff and students.

1:1 iPad Initiative: Why Technology?

For a full explanation of the purpose behind Bishop McNamara High School's technology initiative, including explanation of the need for technology education and integration, as well as why specific devices were chosen, please see the 1:1 iPad Initiative page

For specific information about why iPads were chosen, please see "Why iPads?"

Timeline of iPad Integration @BMHS

Technology Integration Initiative Timeline

The following implementations have been supported with significant upgrades to the school's network infrastructure.

  • 2011-2012: iPads are assigned to twenty teachers to test classroom implementation. Eight classrooms were equipped with High Definition Projectors and Apple TVs.
  • 2013-2014: All teachers are assigned iPads. Most classrooms are equipped with HD projectors and Apple TVs.
  • 2014-2015: Ninety iPads are distributed for a Pilot Program to provide first hand experience, information, and data to better understand how a classroom with full 1:1 tablet integration functions.
  • 2015-2016: A full 1:1 deployment begins for the primary purpose of using the iPad as an educational tool.

Frequently Asked Technology Questions

For answers to frequently asked questions please see "Frequently Asked Technology Questions"

If you're iPad is Lost or Stolen

Please see "Lost/Stolen iPads" for the proper steps to take to insure that, if an iPad is missing, it may be recovered.

Bishop McNamara can assist in trying to re-locate a missing iPad, but the responsibility is ultimately up to the owner of the device.

1:1 iPad Initiative at Bishop McNamara

Our mission must look to prepare students for the world they live in as well as to encourage them to make that world a better place - Father Basil Moreau
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